Why is quality written website content so important?

Written Content is important for attracting and engaging your audience, positioning your brand in the market place and your site on search engines like Google.

Quality and relevance are what will position you and your organization as an authority. It will also compel people to read, engage link to and share your Website. Google and other search engines love that. It signals to them that serving your pages in their search results will help them deliver value to their users.

How will written copy effect the way people find my site on search engines like Google?

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, experts will tell you of the importance written content plays in being found and positioned on google and other search engines. The wording on your website is what let’s google know what your site is about and if it should be served up when people search for related keywords. The timing, originality and quality of website content writing is increasingly important.

How much written copy would I have on my website?

Experts generally recommend between 300 and 800 words per page of written content in order for your site to compete with others and be found on search engines. You can think of a 300 word page as minimal, a 500 word page as competitive and a 800 word page as seriously competitive.

Will some pages require less text?

Some of the pages on your site will likely not require many words or may be more effective with only a few words. Examples are your Contact page and Action or Conversion pages centring around a “call to action”.

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