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Want to Optimize Your WordPress Website?

24 January

Now you can discover the top WordPress Optimization Best Practices in one brief 17 page eBook.

An insightful eBook was just launched to guide you through improving your site’s performance with just a few tweaks. It guides you through some of the best practices specifically for optimizing WordPress Websites so you can get more results from Google search.

Optimize WordPress Website eBook

Do you need to Optimize Your Website?

If you are NOT a WordPress expert, already manage a WordPress website and are happy with its design but would like to get better performance out of it, I recommend following the best practices outlined in the book. Its eigth tips will also be helpful if you are planning to get a new WordPress site. If you are using a professional Web Developer or SEO Expert for your site, they should already be familiar with these techniques and implementing at least some of them but it would not hurt to share the book with them to be sure.

Who wrote the book and why?

The 17 page book was written by my friend Michelle Castillo. She did a great job in streamlining the book so it’s to the point. You’ll get a lot of useful information in only 17 pages. It’s aptly titled “8 Actions You Can Take RIGHT NOW to Optimize Your WordPress Website”. The eight actions are designed to maximize your online visibility, attract more clients and create the income you want to generate from your website investment.

Which topics and best practices does the book cover:

The book walks you through:

  • How to use Keywords in your page URL’s – Good for SEO and improved user experience

  • Increasing Webpage Loading Times – Google and users love quick load times

  • Optimizing Images – Before and after you upload the images to your site

  • How to improve page indexing on Google – explains the use of XML Sitemaps

  • How to get more clicks when Google shows your site’s listing in search results

  • How to add your picture to your Google search listing – People like clicking on pictures of people

  • How to make your WordPress Website mobile friendly – How to use WPtouch and how to test your website for cross-mobile compatibility

How can you get the book and much does it cost?

Good news! … It’s FREE

Links to several useful online tools are also included in the book.

Download the book now from Michelle’s website at