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Planning a Website with WebsiteWishlist.Net

28 June

Why use WebsiteWishlist.Net to plan your Website?

Planning a website with WebsiteWishlist.Net will inspire you to develop an effective marketing machine. Your wish list will help you get the most out of your time and monetary investment in online marketing. It will help you clarify your requirements and act as a roadmap for the internet professionals who you select to help you.

Far too many websites are developed without a clear understanding of the business case or the problem they need to solve. This can lead to a frustrating experience, tons of revisions and an ineffective website that falls short of achieving the results you want.

Spark up your creativity!

Creating your wish list will help you verbalize your marketing objectives and think through your website’s structure, features and content. The process will probably spark your creativity and give you ideas you have not thought of yet. Similarly, the Content Writing Wish List will help you think through your website written content and blogging objectives. The Social Media Wish List will help you set up and plan your social media marketing initiative and guide you in selecting the right social media platforms, tools and campaign manager.

Save time and money

Planning your Website will save you time and money.

Once you have completed and submitted your wish list a copy will automatically be forwarded to you. You will then be prepared to intelligently convey your website wishes to your developer / designer, content writer, blogger, social media manager or internet marketing advisor. You can simply forward the wish list to them and they will have a good understanding of your requirements and wishes.

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