Why is it Important to Plan Your Social Media Campaign?

This Social Media Wishlist will help you assess and focus your social media efforts so you can maximize the results from your time and money spent on social media.

There are two primary reasons for online marketers to develop and implement a social media strategy:

1. People; to create, engage and convert your audience.

2. Search; to signal the popularity of your website and brand to search engines as well as the enquiring public. This is often referred to as “Social Proof”.

Engaging Your Audience on Social Media

Social Media is about connecting with people. People drive social media.

On social media you will be able to connect with your target audience directly, or via their other suppliers and connections.

Many of the people on social media are professionals or act on behalf of business and organizations. Many of these people are connected to and can introduce you to the same people you want to attract as clients.

Unless you relate on a personal level, your social media is likely to perform at a lower level than otherwise.

Search; Creating Social Proof and Strengthening Your Website’s SEO

Social Proof is key signal that helps Google and other search engines determine which websites they should serve up at the top of search results. The more interaction and engagement your social media posts receive, the more likely it is people are getting value out of it. If you are posting valuable content, readers are more likely to Like it and share it. Of course your posts still has to be read by a certain amount of people initially and only a percentage of them will like and share it.

Social Proof is also an important part of your online marketing and can provide the validity to your organization, products, management and employees that potential buyers may need to become customers of your products or services. Often buyers will research companies before they make their buying decision. When the buyer’s online research reveals consistent  and compelling social proof across social media platforms on review websites and comments it can reinforce or help motivate the buying decision.

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How can we help?

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