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Linkedin Publisher … Results? or just an Online Adrenaline Hit?

26 May

Since you are either an Internet Marketer or you are simply marketing online in some capacity, I would like to share some of my experiences and insights as a “new” Linkedin Publisher with you here.

Last week my application was processed and I was invited to publish as a Linkedin Publisher. The news was exciting and gave me one of those little online adrenaline hits. I published my first article as a Linkedin Publisher a couple of days later. So let’s take a look at the results to date. (I’ll be updating the new results over time at the bottom of this page) 

What is a Linkedin Publisher?

My understanding is that becoming a Linkedin Publisher is a powerful step to attracting the attention of people from the greater Linkedin network. The Linkedin Publisher “Early Access” application page states that it is “powerful new way to build their professional brand”.LinkedIn Publisher

What’s in store for the future of Linkedin Publisher?

At least one source stated Linkedin is only opening up their Publisher Network to 25,000 publishers worldwide. There is speculation that the network will eventually be opened up to everyone and that they could eventually attach a revenue model to it, but that is speculation.

Here’s what’s happened with my Linkedin Publisher article in the first 4 days…

I published my first article Thursday around noon (it’s around noon Monday now).

So far the published article has received:

  • 161 views (possible readers)

  • 3 Linkedin Thumbs Up (including mine)

  • 20 Linkedin Shares

  • 5 Tweets

  • 1 Facebook like

  • 2 Google Pluses

  • 3 Follows from people outside of my network

  • 1 on page comment

  • 2 notifications (off page comments?) from people in my network and 2 notifications from people outside of my network. I am not sure yet how these work or how to reply to them. Does anyone out there know?

What I should have done differently …

One thing I should probably have done with this article was to link it to my blog post (yes, I should know better :-). This may be the reason the Linkedin post does not appear to have generated much traffic to my blog yet (there are other reasons, like no call to action etc, but that was on purpose) I have now pasted the link in the page. On future articles, I plan to post summaries that lead readers to my blog post for the full story.

The actual Linkedin Publisher Article …

As my first article I published one of my post popular recent articles about “Developing Your Ultimate Sales Website” which I originally wrote for my blog on WebsiteWishlist.Net

This is what the link url looks like. It will take you to my Linkedin article where you can see what the platform looks like (and, of course, read the article) …

In Conclusion / Your feedback please / More updates to come …

It’s too early to conclude if being a Linkedin Publisher will deliver results or just an online adrenaline hit.

So far, I am impressed with the number of viewers and shares. I appreciated receiving some comments, follows and notices, however I can say there have been very few so far. I feel it has boosted my confidence level and knowing my articles can receive this level of readers has inspired me to write more.

Considering it’s just the start, I believe the future looks promising for my professional brand building. Now, how to convert that to results?

I will try to keep you posted on the activity and results I get. I would love to receive your feedback.

If you think you would also like to become a Linkedin Publisher you can find the application form here (please let me know about your experience)

Addendum – New stats for Linkedin Publisher posts

June 20 – 5:30pm – Here are stats for Linkedin Publisher posts since I wrote this article:

After 1 day – My June 19th Linkedin Publisher Article exactly 24 hours ago has so far received 91 views, 3 likes, 0 comments, 4 tweets, 1 Facebook Like, 2 G+1 and 5 Linkedin Shares

After 1 month – My first Linkedin Publisher Article posted May 22 (almost exactly 4 weeks) has received 225 views, 3 likes, 2 comments, 5 tweets, 1 Facebook Like, 2 G+1 and 28 Linkedin Shares

After 1 week – On my suggestion, one of my clients became a Linkedin Publisher. We published her first post on June 13th, 7 days ago. So far her post has received 114 views, 0 likes, 2 comments, 1 tweet (from us), 10 Facebook Likes, 2 G+1 and 21 Linkedin Shares

As one would expect, most of the activity occurs in the first few days or the first week.

Note to Linkedin: It would be awesome to see who is actually viewing the articles 🙂

Sources and Thanks

Thanks to Ian Nethercott for encouraging me to apply.

Source: LinkedIn Predictions for 2014

My June 19th Linkedin Publisher Post mentioned above