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Blog Post Idea Generator

28 February
Blog Post Idea Generator

Here is a great resource I want to share with you. I got it from Digital Marketer who did a great job creating this awesome Blog Post Idea Generator. So next time you are struggling for ideas to post to your blog, check out this list of 212 blog post ideas. Access the Ideas Here I […]

If your business is 80% ready to launch, this is for you …

19 June

It’s been said that ‘Perfection is the enemy of good’ (even ‘great’). The point is, if you need to wait for perfection, you will never complete anything and you’ll get stuck. You may even develop a severe case of analysis paralysis. Alan Weiss encourages his readers to act “when you’re 80% sure / ready / comfortable”. […]

Linkedin Publisher … Results? or just an Online Adrenaline Hit?

26 May
LinkedIn Publisher

Since you are either an Internet Marketer or you are simply marketing online in some capacity, I would like to share some of my experiences and insights as a “new” Linkedin Publisher with you here. Last week my application was processed and I was invited to publish as a Linkedin Publisher. The news was exciting and […]