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Linkedin Publisher … Results? or just an Online Adrenaline Hit?

26 May
LinkedIn Publisher

Since you are either an Internet Marketer or you are simply marketing online in some capacity, I would like to share some of my experiences and insights as a “new” Linkedin Publisher with you here. Last week my application was processed and I was invited to publish as a Linkedin Publisher. The news was exciting and […]

If you are on Social Media, do you still need a website?

15 March

Most so called “Social Media” platforms are advertising platform masquerading as social media. Especially the ones that have gone public and have to publish quarterly financial reports proving their profitability in an effort to keep their stock price elevated. As some of the highest valued stocks on the market, their investors will make sure they […]

Want to Optimize Your WordPress Website?

24 January
Optimize WordPress Website eBook

Now you can discover the top WordPress Optimization Best Practices in one brief 17 page eBook. An insightful eBook was just launched to guide you through improving your site’s performance with just a few tweaks. It guides you through some of the best practices specifically for optimizing WordPress Websites so you can get more results […]

Why am I reading this tweet?

04 December
How to Write a Tweet

How to Write a Tweet – The 4 points that engage Roy Peter Clark plus a few Writing Tips from Social Media Experts I just finished listening to Mitch Joel interviewing Roy Peter Clark today. Roy Peter Clark has been called “America’s Writing Coach”. He is the senior scholar and vice president of the Poynter Institute for Media […]

Is there a silver bullet or secret formula for developing your ultimate sales website?

27 November

I often say “if you meet someone who tells you they know everything about the Internet, you should proceed very cautiously”. There is no Silver Bullet When it comes to making sales online, a lot of people want someone to tell them the secret formula and then implement it. But the fact is, there is […]